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Oil and Oil Filter  &  Air Filter Change  -  Tyre Replacement Service

  Too busy to come to our workshop?  Working from home or at work?  

You Need to Call Wilson's!  Tel: 0191 489 9824

Book our Mobile Service Unit.

  Need your vehicle serviced or replacement tyres,  it won't cost you any more with our mobile unit than at our garage!

If your vehicle is due for a service or your tyres need to be replaced,  don't put it off!

Did you know that an overdue service or badly worn and over or under-inflated tyres will cost you more money!  WHY?

A vehicle is like a living creature!  It needs to be looked after.  Your vehicle needs to breathe,  air needs to pass through its system,  that's why you have air filters installed to filter out dust and dirt particles.  Filters will eventually become blocked and are always replaced in a vehicle service,  otherwise,  your vehicle will become inefficient and cost more to run!  The same goes for engine oil,  oil lubricates and helps cool the engine,  the oil filter stops any particles to pass through your engine that would lead to engine wear and then damage!  When tyres have the wrong air pressures or low tread this will reduce tyre life,  impact on handling and fuel consumption.  All this adds up to your vehicle safety and daily drivng performance.   What does this mean to you?  A vehicle that does not run efficiently will cost you more in fuel and replacement parts!  Your vehicle will become unreliable and in the end breakdown!!!   

Take advice from the experts,  contact us today!

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